What You Can Do To Help Dogs In Laboratories

#1 – Ask your U.S. House Representative to co-sponsor the Humane Retirement Act

Tell your Federal House Representative to Co-Sponsor the Humane Retirement Act, H.R. 2850, 116th which requires laboratories and facilities to offer dogs and cats for adoption after the experiments and testing have ended, instead of killing them, to a humane society or non-profit animal rescue organization like Beagle Freedom Project.

You can find your House representative here and sign the petition:

Federal Beagle Bill

#2 – Purchase Only Cruelty-Free Products

Many household chemicals (cleaning supplies, etc.) and outdoor chemicals (fungicides, pesticides, etc.) are force-fed to dogs in large quantities and then the dogs are killed to study their organs.  This is called “toxicity testing.”  There is no need for this type of torture in today’s world.  We have technology that can do this job.  When you vote with your wallet, companies listen and change.  So, on your next shopping trip, look for these symbols on the back of the product you’re purchasing. If you don’t see any of these symbols, many dogs and other animals suffered and died to make it!

Also check out these awesome sites to make sure your products are not tested on animals:



Cruelty Cutter

#3 – Ask Your Federal Representatives to Support the Research Modernization Deal

The Research Modernization Deal outlines a road map and strategy for optimizing our nation’s investment in research to cure disease—by ending funding for strategies that don’t work (i.e., experiments on animals) and investing in research that’s relevant to humans.  Email your federal representative or senator and ask them to support it, too!  Include this link to the Research Modernization Deal in your email.  You can also sign the petition yourself by clicking on this Sign Here button below:

#4 – Get Involved on Social Media

The following organizations are well-known for fighting to get dogs out of research laboratories.  They will often post actions steps on Facebook you can take to help: